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Additional Information Nexen Roadian HP

For enhanced high-performance grip on any road surface, the Roadian HP is the right choice. Its large shoulder block maximizes cornering grip and stability, while the arrow-type center rib improves handling. Pattern noise is reduced by a 5 random pitch variation. When wet conditions hit, wide deep grooves provide excellent drainage, braking and anti-hydroplaning.


  • V-shaped directional tread pattern helps tire perform on road surfaces
  • Silica-based tread compound for strong all-weather traction
  • Arrow type center rib for improved handling
  • Shoulder design enhanced for cornering stability


Part NumberSizeService
11006255/60R17106V29Black Sidewall40000Out of Stock$231.59
15451265/60R17108V29.5Black Sidewall40000Low Stock *$232.39
15453275/60R17110V30Black Sidewall40000Low Stock $241.99
15608265/60R18110H30.5Black Sidewall40000In Stock $232.19
15455285/60R18116V31.5Black Sidewall40000Out of Stock$244.99
15467255/50R20109V30Black Sidewall40000Low Stock $245.99
15469265/50R20111V30.4Black Sidewall40000In Stock $250.49
15470275/40R20106V28.7Black Sidewall40000In Stock *$239.49
15454275/45R20110V29.7Black Sidewall40000In Stock *$232.69
15471275/55R20117V31.9Black Sidewall40000Low Stock *$240.99
15473285/50R20116V31.2Black Sidewall40000Out of Stock$236.99
15463295/40R20106V29.3Black Sidewall40000In Stock *$246.49
15459295/45R20114V30.5Black Sidewall40000In Stock *$233.69
15464255/30R2295V28Black Sidewall40000Out of Stock$232.39
15456265/35R22102V29.3Black Sidewall40000In Stock $230.89
15472285/35R22106V29.9Black Sidewall40000Out of Stock$273.99
15466285/45R22114V32.1Black Sidewall40000In Stock *$267.99
15457295/30R22103V29Black Sidewall40000Out of Stock$265.49
15460305/40R22114V31.6Black Sidewall40000Out of Stock$249.99
15452305/45R22118V32.8Black Sidewall40000Out of Stock$249.99
15474295/35R24110V32.1Black Sidewall40000Out of Stock$342.00
15354305/35R24112V32.4Black Sidewall40000Out of Stock$296.00