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Additional Information Ironman RB-12

The RB-12 meets every expectation of an Ironman tire––a practical choice that delivers affordability and dependability without sacrificing for either. Its symmetric, five-rib tread design creates a larger footprint that increases stability and performance. Combine that with a noise-reducing design and a M+S rating, and the RB-12 becomes the tire of choice for a ride that’s all about comfort, in all conditions, all the time.


  • Overall tire construction leads to increased hydroplane resistance
  • Variable tread design reduces road noise and delivers ride comfort
  • Slotted shoulders, moderate siping and wide grooves enhance water evacuation
  • Enhanced base tread compound promotes excellent durability and traction


Part NumberSizeService
91841175/70R1382T22.6Black Sidewall0In Stock $130.79
91840175/65R1482T23Black Sidewall0Low Stock $127.79
91842175/70R1484T23.6Black Sidewall0Low Stock $130.89
91162185/60R1482H22.7Black Sidewall0Out of Stock$118.39
91163185/65R1486T23.5Black Sidewall0In Stock *$133.19
91165185/70R1488T24.2Black Sidewall0In Stock $137.69
91169195/70R1491T24.7Black Sidewall0Low Stock $142.19
91164185/65R1588T24.5Black Sidewall0Low Stock $130.19
91166195/55R1585V23.4Black Sidewall0In Stock *$145.89
91167195/60R1588T24.2Black Sidewall0In Stock *$135.79
91168195/65R1591T25Black Sidewall0In Stock $133.29
91170205/65R1594T25.5Black Sidewall0In Stock *$131.79
91171205/70R1596T26.3Black Sidewall0In Stock $150.69
91174215/70R1598T26.9Black Sidewall0Low Stock $149.69
91176225/70R15100T27.4Black Sidewall0In Stock *$154.49
91064205/55R1691T24.9Black Sidewall0In Stock $141.69
92513205/65R1695H26.5Black Sidewall0Low Stock $143.49
91172215/60R1695T26.2Black Sidewall0In Stock $149.79
91173215/65R1698T27Black Sidewall0In Stock *$150.79
91175225/60R1698T26.6Black Sidewall0In Stock *$150.59
92479215/65R1799T28Black Sidewall0In Stock $159.99
92514225/60R1799H27.6Black Sidewall0In Stock *$161.39
92480235/60R17102H28.1Black Sidewall0In Stock $159.59