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Additional Information Pirelli Scorpion Zero AS Plus 3

For over 150 years, Pirelli has produced advanced technological products and services that benefit from their presence in high-end motorsports and their collaboration with the best car brands. Advancing tire innovation day in and day out to make tires tailored to your vehicle.


  • Outstanding all-around performance, specifically engineered for SUVs
  • Pirelli Elect technology specifically developed for high performance electric and plug-in vehicles, in line with the Perfect Fit strategy, available on select fitments
  • Pirelli Noise Cancelling System reduces noise inside the vehicle thanks to a sound absorbing device applied to the inside of the tire, available on select fitments


Part NumberSizeLoad IndexOutside DiameterSidewallSpeed RatingWarranty Mileageridestyler.stockridestyler.price
4207600P235/55R1910529.2Black SidewallT0Out of Stock$325.17
4392700P255/45R1910428Black SidewallY0Out of Stock$372.39
4207700P255/50R1910729Black SidewallT0Out of Stock$353.77
4207300P255/55R1911130Black SidewallH0Out of Stock$356.43
4207000P255/40R2010528Black SidewallY0Out of Stock$387.02
4295700P255/45R2010529Black SidewallY0In Stock $314.53
4458500P255/45R2010529Black SidewallW0Out of Stock$380.37
4207400P255/50R2010930Black SidewallH0Out of Stock$441.55
4295900P255/50R2010930Black SidewallY0Out of Stock$406.97
4295600P255/55R2011031Black SidewallY0Out of Stock$315.86
4392800P265/45R2010829.4Black SidewallY0Out of Stock$453.52
4086500P265/45R2010829.4Black SidewallY0Out of Stock$424.26
4296200P275/40R2010628.7Black SidewallY0Low Stock $383.03
4392900P275/45R2011029.7Black SidewallY0Out of Stock$440.22
4296000P275/45R2011029.7Black SidewallY0Low Stock $393.67
4296100P295/40R2011029.3Black SidewallY0Out of Stock$489.43
4295800P315/35R2011028.7Black SidewallY0Out of Stock$458.84
4086600P265/40R2110529.3Black SidewallY0In Stock $428.25
4393000P265/45R2110830.4Black SidewallY0Out of Stock$464.16
4086700P295/35R2110729.1Black SidewallY0Low Stock $501.40
4086800P295/40R2111130.3Black SidewallY0Out of Stock$504.06
4393100P265/35R2210229.3Black SidewallY0Out of Stock$512.04
4087000P265/40R2210630.3Black SidewallY0Out of Stock$416.28
4393200P285/35R2210629.9Black SidewallY0Out of Stock$469.48