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Additional Information Pirelli Scorpion ATR

A versatile and safe tire, the SCORPION™ ATR features a tread with a specific self-cleaning pattern. It facilitates the most demanding off-road driving and resists the hardest shocks on uneven surfaces. Once back on the road, it provides safety when braking and whilst cornering.


  • Robust carcass and reinforced sidewall area for high damage resistance
  • Curved central grooves offer continuous traction in off road situations
  • Wide, rugged shoulder blocks improve traction and braking efficiency


Part NumberSizeService
2748100P235/75R15105T28.9Black Sidewall50000Inquire for StockInquire for Price
158250031x10.50R15LT109S31Outlined White Letters50000In Stock *$275.99
1617500LT225/75R16110S29.3Black Sidewall50000Out of Stock$279.99
1617100LT235/85R16120R31.7Black Sidewall50000Out of Stock$276.99
1617300LT245/75R16120R30.5Black Sidewall50000Out of Stock$220.29
1555400LT265/75R16123S31.6Raised White Letters50000Out of Stock$279.99
1731400P235/70R16105T29Black Sidewall50000Inquire for StockInquire for Price
3122400225/65R17102H28.5Black Sidewall50000In Stock *$263.49
3586500265/70R17115T31.6Black Sidewall50000Out of Stock$276.99
4128600265/70R17115T31.6Black Sidewall50000In Stock *$263.49
1617000LT265/70R17121S31.6Raised White Letters50000Inquire for StockInquire for Price
1864100P245/65R17111T29.5Black Sidewall50000Inquire for StockInquire for Price
1727300P255/65R17110T30.1Black Sidewall50000Out of Stock$258.99
2784300275/65R18116H32.1Raised White Letters50000Out of Stock$301.23
1831200P265/60R18110H30.5Raised White Letters50000Out of Stock$268.65
3566000275/50R20113V30.8Black Sidewall50000Out of Stock$490.76
2248200275/55R20111S31.9Black Sidewall50000Out of Stock$327.17
4214400275/55R20113H31.9Black Sidewall50000In Stock $300.57
3586400275/60R20115T33Black Sidewall50000Out of Stock$311.21
4128500275/60R20115T33Black Sidewall50000Low Stock $305.89
1852000P275/55R20111S31.9Raised White Letters50000Out of Stock$285.27
2625900325/55R22116H36.1Black Sidewall50000Out of Stock$819.27