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Additional Information Pirelli P7 AS Plus 3

The P7™ ALL SEASON PLUS 3 is Pirelli’s new, completely redesigned Touring All-Season tire for sedans and coupes. Part of Pirelli’s Plus line of products, the P7™ ALL SEASON PLUS 3 is designed to better meet the needs of drivers in the North American market. It sports a new tread pattern, compound and construction yielding outstanding mileage, enhanced winter performance, improved wet/dry handling, and increased comfort with a quiet ride.


  • Innovative tread compound designed to go the extra mile while delivering all-season confidence
  • 3D sipe technology that works together with the tread pattern to deliver confident handling feel dry or wet
  • Full-depth tread sipes that work mile after mile for improved traction, handling, and braking
  • Part of Pirelli's Cinturato tire family


Part NumberSizeService
3914500205/50R1793V25.1Black Sidewall70000Out of Stock$237.99
3914400205/50R1793H25.1Black Sidewall70000Out of Stock$231.79
3914600215/45R1791V24.6Black Sidewall70000In Stock *$211.99
3914700215/50R1795V25.5Black Sidewall70000In Stock *$232.39
3914800215/55R1794V26.3Black Sidewall70000Out of Stock$221.09
4223500215/55R1794V26.3Black Sidewall70000In Stock $221.39
4226600225/45R1794H25Black Sidewall70000In Stock $217.59
4226700225/45R1794V25Black Sidewall70000Out of Stock$229.69
4222700225/50R1798V25.9Black Sidewall70000Out of Stock$238.99
4222600225/50R1794V25.9Black Sidewall70000In Stock $222.19
4223200225/55R1797H26.7Black Sidewall70000Inquire for StockInquire for Price
4222900225/55R1797V26.7Black Sidewall70000Inquire for StockInquire for Price
4223400225/60R1799H27.6Black Sidewall70000Out of Stock$241.99
4223100225/60R1799V27.6Black Sidewall70000Out of Stock$255.49
3915700235/45R1797V25.3Black Sidewall70000In Stock $250.99
4223300235/50R1796V26.3Black Sidewall70000Inquire for StockInquire for Price
4230100235/55R1799H27.2Black Sidewall70000In Stock *$244.99
3916000215/55R1895H27.3Black Sidewall70000In Stock *$262.99
3916100225/45R1895V26Black Sidewall70000Low Stock $252.49
3952300225/50R1895V26.9Black Sidewall70000Out of Stock$249.99
3916200225/55R1898H27.7Black Sidewall70000Low Stock $263.99
4228700235/45R1894V26.3Black Sidewall70000In Stock *$264.49
4223000235/50R1897V27.3Black Sidewall70000In Stock $247.49
3916500245/45R18100V26.7Black Sidewall70000Out of Stock$284.99
4223600245/45R18100V26.7Black Sidewall70000Out of Stock$273.30
4222800245/50R18100V27.6Black Sidewall70000In Stock *$267.98
3916700235/40R1996V26.4Black Sidewall70000In Stock $261.99
3916800245/40R1998V26.7Black Sidewall70000In Stock *$278.49
3916900245/45R1998V27.7Black Sidewall70000Out of Stock$276.63
4228800245/45R1998V27.7Black Sidewall70000Inquire for StockInquire for Price
3917000255/40R19100V27Black Sidewall70000In Stock *$316.53
3917100255/45R19104V28Black Sidewall70000Out of Stock$291.92
4228900255/45R19104V28Black Sidewall70000Out of Stock$302.56
3917200245/40R2099V27.7Black Sidewall70000In Stock *$309.21
3917300245/45R2099V28.7Black Sidewall70000Low Stock *$291.26