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Additional Information Pirelli P4 Persist All Season Plus

The P4™ PERSIST AS PLUS is an all-season tire engineered for exceptional mileage and designed especially for coupes, sedans, and minivans.


  • Reinforced shoulders enhance stability to promote high mileage, even treadwear and fuel savings
  • The central longitudinal grooves are designed to maximize water expulsion for outstanding control
  • The continuous central rib improves both tire durability and overall handling
  • Variable angle grooves aim to provide a mechanical grip for improved steering response, especially in wet weather and light snow conditions


Part NumberSizeService
4078200185/60R1584T23.7Black Sidewall85000Out of Stock$176.49
4078300185/65R1588T24.5Black Sidewall85000In Stock *$180.29
4076700195/60R1588H24.2Black Sidewall85000In Stock *$182.49
4076800195/65R1591H25Black Sidewall85000In Stock $181.49
4078600205/65R1594H25.5Black Sidewall85000In Stock $176.29
4076900205/55R1691H24.9Black Sidewall85000In Stock *$184.79
4077000205/60R1692H25.7Black Sidewall85000Low Stock *$188.99
4078700205/65R1695T26.5Black Sidewall85000In Stock $182.09
4077200215/55R1697H25.3Black Sidewall85000In Stock *$208.79
4077400215/60R1695V26.2Black Sidewall85000In Stock *$187.29
4079000215/65R1698T27Black Sidewall85000In Stock *$183.29
4079100225/60R1698T26.6Black Sidewall85000In Stock $190.49
4077900225/65R16100T27.5Black Sidewall85000Low Stock $192.39
4078100235/65R16103T28Black Sidewall85000Inquire for StockInquire for Price
4077100215/50R1795V25.5Black Sidewall85000In Stock $207.59
4077300215/55R1794V26.3Black Sidewall85000In Stock $206.59
4077500215/60R1796T27.2Black Sidewall85000Inquire for StockInquire for Price
4077600225/50R1794V25.9Black Sidewall85000In Stock *$219.19
4077800225/55R1797T26.7Black Sidewall85000Out of Stock$220.19
4079200225/60R1799T27.6Black Sidewall85000In Stock $221.29
4078000235/60R17102H28.1Black Sidewall85000Inquire for StockInquire for Price
4077700225/50R1895H26.9Black Sidewall85000Inquire for StockInquire for Price