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Additional Information Mickey Thompson Baja Legend MTZ

The Baja Legend™ MTZ features an innovative design to deliver versatile mud terrain performance, providing excellent traction both on and off-road. Mickey Thompson’s legendary Sidebiter® design elements and Powerply™ 3-Ply sidewall construction provide off-road performance, quick steering response, and stability while its T4 silica-reinforced compound fortifies on-road tread wear, wet performance, and treadwear durability.


  • PowerPly 3-Ply construction provides increased puncture resistance and more responsive handling
  • Variable length and depth four-pitch Sidebiters ® provide off-road traction and grip
  • T4 Silica-Reinforced Compound provides excellent wet handling/braking performance, cut & chip resistance and lasting treadwear
  • Bold & proven MTZ tread styling for an aggressive appearance and great on/off-road performance
  • Optimized tread design and geometry help to reduce noise


Part NumberSizeService
5451031x10.50R15LT109Q31Raised White Letters0Low Stock *$303.00
5453033x10.50R15LT114Q33Raised White Letters0Low Stock *$337.30
5453233x12.50R15LT108Q33Raised White Letters0Low Stock *$364.80
5455235x12.50R15LT113Q35Raised White Letters0Out of Stock$371.70
54620LT265/75R16123Q31.6Raised White Letters0Out of Stock$353.10
54631LT285/75R16126Q32.8Raised White Letters0Low Stock *$361.56
54632LT305/70R16124Q32.8Raised White Letters0In Stock *$384.00
54652LT315/75R16127Q34.6Raised White Letters0In Stock *$406.44
54720LT265/70R17121Q31.6Raised White Letters0Out of Stock$366.90
54731LT285/70R17121Q32.7Raised White Letters0In Stock *$409.44
54742LT295/70R17121Q33.3Raised White Letters0In Stock *$420.72
54732LT305/65R17121Q32.6Black Sidewall0In Stock *$440.88
54752LT315/70R17121Q34.4Raised White Letters0Inquire for StockInquire for Price
5475935x12.50R17LT119Q35Black Sidewall0Out of Stock$453.48
5477237x12.50R17LT124Q37Black Sidewall0Out of Stock$653.70
5477337x13.50R17LT121Q37Black Sidewall0Out of Stock$657.75
5470340x13.50R17LT121Q40Black Sidewall0Out of Stock$771.15
54831LT275/70R18125P33.2Raised White Letters0Inquire for StockInquire for Price
54842LT295/70R18129P34.3Raised White Letters0Out of Stock$473.04
54832LT305/60R18126Q32.4Raised White Letters0Out of Stock$466.32
54852LT305/70R18126Q34.8Raised White Letters0Out of Stock$489.60
5485935x12.50R18LT118Q35Black Sidewall0Low Stock *$515.28
5487337x13.50R18LT124Q37Black Sidewall0Out of Stock$696.60
54041LT275/65R20126Q34.1Black Sidewall0Out of Stock$473.88
54038LT295/55R20123Q32.8Black Sidewall0Out of Stock$493.32
54042LT295/60R20126Q33.9Black Sidewall0Out of Stock$537.36
54058LT295/65R20129Q35.1Black Sidewall0Low Stock *$556.20
54032LT305/55R20125Q33.2Black Sidewall0Out of Stock$545.04
5403933x12.50R20LT114Q33Black Sidewall0In Stock *$512.16
5405935x12.50R20LT125Q35Black Sidewall0In Stock *$554.40
5406536x15.50R20LT126Q36Black Sidewall0Out of Stock$670.32
5407237x12.50R20LT126Q37Black Sidewall0Out of Stock$741.30
5407337x13.50R20LT127Q37Black Sidewall0Out of Stock$815.70
5408538x15.50R20LT128Q38Black Sidewall0Out of Stock$836.40
5400440x14.50R20LT128Q40Black Sidewall0Out of Stock$904.65