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Additional Information Hankook Winter icept evo3

A winter perfection in all conditions. Driving that beats the snow. Unidirectional tread design with gull wing shape improves the traction and breaking performance on snow. High 3-Grip sipe is a three-dimentional zigzag block shape that adds another vertical shape to the two-dimentional pattern shape, providing outstanding grip performance on snow, sluch, ice, and wet roads. Handling that overcomes the frost and sleet.


  • Snow-pick traction groove
  • Optimized zigzag lateral groove improves snow handling performance and steering control through optimized groove angle
  • 3D GripKontrol sipe
  • Winter Control Compound provides exceptional braking performance without losing rubber flexibility even in extreme cold weather
  • V-shaped pattern efficiently helps to distribute water to the side, improving hydroplaning performance


Part NumberSizeService
1026305215/60R1796H27.2Black Sidewall0Out of Stock$201.59
1026304225/60R1799H27.6Black Sidewall0Out of Stock$205.19
1026329235/45R1797V25.3Black Sidewall0Out of Stock$206.99
1026345235/50R17100V26.3Black Sidewall0Out of Stock$211.39
1026320245/45R1799V25.7Black Sidewall0Out of Stock$221.49
1026310215/55R1899V27.3Black Sidewall0Out of Stock$225.39
1026306225/40R1892V25.1Black Sidewall0Out of Stock$234.39
1026226225/45R1895V26Black Sidewall0Out of Stock$235.99
1026312225/50R1899V26.9Black Sidewall0Out of Stock$234.89
1026317235/40R1895V25.4Black Sidewall0Out of Stock$241.49
1026309235/45R1898V26.3Black Sidewall0Out of Stock$251.99
1026313245/40R1897V25.7Black Sidewall0Out of Stock$234.19
1026307245/45R18100V26.7Black Sidewall0Out of Stock$254.99
1026328245/50R18104V27.6Black Sidewall0Out of Stock$266.99
1026360255/35R1894V25Black Sidewall0Out of Stock$277.99
1026322225/40R1993V26.1Black Sidewall0Out of Stock$273.49
1026326225/45R1996V27Black Sidewall0Out of Stock$267.99
1026316235/35R1991W25.5Black Sidewall0Out of Stock$279.99
1026319235/40R1996V26.4Black Sidewall0Out of Stock$273.99
1026318235/45R1999V27.3Black Sidewall0Out of Stock$270.49
1026323245/35R1993W25.8Black Sidewall0Out of Stock$281.99
1026314245/40R1998V26.7Black Sidewall0Out of Stock$280.49
1026311245/45R19102V27.7Black Sidewall0Out of Stock$278.49
1026315255/35R1996V26Black Sidewall0Out of Stock$281.99
1026321255/40R19100V27Black Sidewall0Out of Stock$278.99
1026327255/45R19104W28Black Sidewall0Out of Stock$276.49
1026357235/35R2092W26.5Black Sidewall0Out of Stock$272.49
1026341245/35R2095W26.8Black Sidewall0Out of Stock$279.99
1026339245/40R2099W27.7Black Sidewall0Out of Stock$275.96
1026335245/45R20103V28.7Black Sidewall0Out of Stock$267.32
1026338255/35R2097W27Black Sidewall0Out of Stock$280.62
1026347275/30R2097W26.5Black Sidewall0Out of Stock$295.25
1027229275/35R21103W28.6Black Sidewall0Out of Stock$330.49