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Additional Information Hankook iON evo SUV

Evolutionized to perform more. The iON evo is made of a compound specifically made for electric vehicles to evenly spread road pressure and extend tire life in a healthier condition. With the Hankook Sound Absorber, the iON evo offers a quiet and pleasant ride in all speed ranges.


  • Designed to bear the initial torque power of electric vehicle motors, the iON evo offers excellent handling and grip performance for premium electric vehicles
  • By reducing the rolling resistance, the battery lasts longer to drive a longer distance
  • Tire noise has been drastically reduced by optimizing the pitch sequence


Part NumberSizeLoad IndexOutside DiameterSidewallSpeed RatingWarranty Mileageridestyler.stockridestyler.price
1033433235/65R1811030Black SidewallV0Out of Stock$283.49
1033452235/55R1910529.2Black SidewallY0Out of Stock$290.59
1033446245/50R2010529.6Black SidewallV0Out of Stock$331.16
1033434255/40R2010128Black SidewallW0Out of Stock$372.39
1033453255/45R2010529Black SidewallY0Out of Stock$365.74
1033450255/35R219828Black SidewallW0Out of Stock$391.01
1033436275/35R2110328.6Black SidewallY0Out of Stock$409.63
1033449255/40R2210330Black SidewallV0Out of Stock$422.93