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Additional Information Hankook iON evo AS SUV

EVolutionized to perform and last. Battery weight makes electric vehicles up to 30% heavier than ICE vehicles, which frequently causes uneven wear on non-EV specific tires. The iON evo AS SUV is made of a compound specifically made for electric vehicles to evenly spread road pressure to account for this difference and extend tire life.


  • Optimized ground pressure distribution for even tread wear
  • Composed with high-concentration silica and eco-friendly materials for extended tread life
  • Noise-Proof Technology offers a quiet and pleasant ride in all speed ranges
  • Developed to feature a high-rigidity profile and tread design that provides an exceptional grip that performs equally well in dry, wet and mild winter driving conditions


Part NumberSizeService
1033187225/60R18104V28.6Black Sidewall50000In Stock *$273.99
1033170235/60R18107V29.1Black Sidewall50000In Stock $260.99
1033186225/55R19103V28.7Black Sidewall50000In Stock *$282.49
1033214235/55R19105V29.2Black Sidewall50000In Stock *$284.49
1033215255/45R19104W28Black Sidewall50000In Stock $321.18
1033164255/60R19113V31Black Sidewall50000In Stock $296.99
1033209235/50R20104W29.3Black Sidewall50000In Stock *$293.92
1033185245/45R20103Y28.7Black Sidewall50000In Stock $304.99
1033165255/40R20101W28Black Sidewall50000In Stock $344.46
1033168255/45R20105Y29Black Sidewall50000Low Stock $330.99
1033171265/45R20108V29.4Black Sidewall50000In Stock *$347.12
1033172275/45R20110V29.7Black Sidewall50000In Stock *$355.10
1033212275/50R20113V30.8Black Sidewall50000Low Stock $340.99
1033169255/35R2198W28Black Sidewall50000In Stock *$357.76
1033202255/40R21102Y29Black Sidewall50000Low Stock $346.99
1033213275/35R21103Y28.6Black Sidewall50000In Stock *$376.38
1033166285/40R21109H30Black Sidewall50000In Stock *$367.99
1031525285/45R21113V31.1Black Sidewall50000Out of Stock$423.99
1033702P255/35R2198W28Black Sidewall50000Out of Stock$407.99
1033704P275/35R21103W28.6Black Sidewall50000Out of Stock$437.99
1033210265/35R22102W29.3Black Sidewall50000In Stock $391.01
1033211285/35R22106W29.9Black Sidewall50000Low Stock $398.99