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Additional Information Firestone Affinity Touring S4 FF

In addition to great fuel economy, the tire is quiet, with a comfortable ride and good for all-season use even in northern climates. The all-season capabilities are thanks to the diagonal and lateral siping which grip on snow and ice.


  • Low rolling resistance compounds to improve fuel economy
  • Quiet, comfortable ride


Part NumberSizeLoad IndexOutside DiameterSidewallSpeed RatingWarranty MileageWarranty Typeridestyler.stockridestyler.price
000240P195/65R158925Black SidewallH50000MileageInquire for StockInquire for Price
013873205/65R169526.5Black SidewallH50000MileageInquire for StockInquire for Price
131657P205/65R169426.5Black SidewallS50000MileageInquire for StockInquire for Price