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Potenza RE050A RFT/MOE/II

  • Performance, Run-Flat, Summer
  • Sidewalls: Black Sidewall
Picture of Potenza RE050A RFT/MOE/II

Additional Information

Bridgestone Potenza RE050A RFT/MOE/II

This tire comes loaded with race-proven technology: UNI-T for outstanding wet and dry traction, a tread pattern that promotes rapid water evacuation, variable dimensions in the tread blocks, and the smoother shape to reduce road noise.



Part NumberSizeStockPrice
067346225/45R17 91V (25")0
048884285/40R19 103Y (28")0
071817285/35R18 97Y (25.9")0
034111275/40R18 99W (26.7")0
034145275/35R19 96W (26.6")0
065952275/35R18 95Y (25.6")0
071800255/40R18 95Y (26")0
141551255/35R18 90Y (25")0
094920255/30R19 91Y (25")0
048867245/45R18 96Y (26.7")0
106701305/35R20 104Y (28.4")0
034094245/45R18 96W (26.7")0
034128245/40R19 94W (26.7")0
034077245/40R18 93W (25.7")0
106684245/35R20 91Y (26.8")0
119431225/40R18 88W (25.1")0
094903225/35R19 88Y (25.2")0
118414215/40R18 85Y (24.8")0
142622205/50R17 89V (25.1")0
068621205/45R17 84W (24.3")0
096535205/40R18 82W (24.5")0
069420245/40R19 94Y (26.7")0
068825255/40R17 94V (25")0